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Born out of necessity: Fueled by Passion

A pure authentic artisan brewed plant based beverage with single estate tea, botanicals and herbs. Refreshing without guilt. Pairs with food or as is on the rocks. 

A healthy alternative to no alcohol or fake beverages loaded with chemicals, flavours & artificial ingredients. 

Be kind to your body & the environment.

organic botanicals and green tea Empower T Seize The Moment

All Natural

0 Calories  - we believe that hydrating yourself should not impact on your caloric intake.

NO Added Sugar or Sweeteners-  research has shown that Type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer have been  linked to increased sugar intake. The average person consumes 40 kilos  (over 80 pounds) of hidden refined sugar per year. Also, artificial  sweeteners will trick your body in producing  fat and increased insulin  sensitivity. 

Artisan Brewed  - Using green whole tea leaves we utilize the goodness in the entire leaf  with our trade secret brew. Sediment is normal as it is brewed from real  ingredients. We source from our tea estates, farmers & sources that  treat their workers ethically. Whole Leaf Single Estate Fair Trade Green Tea

“Terroir”- characteristics formed by the  geography and climate of the area creates a unique taste experience.Like fine wine regions, “single estate” refers to the geographic region, where the tea is grown. 

The  tannins in tea, and also in wine, create astringent or brisk notes on  the tongue. These notes reflect the high polyphenols, which are  naturally occurring antioxidant compounds. 

Organic  - we believe in only the best premium green tea for maintaining health.

What People Are Saying-

"a  beautiful pure taste and natural sweetness, but with no sugar or other  additives, you know that it's good for your body and soul"

"delicious, refreshing, healthy and cleansing" 

Seize the Moment-Empower T-no sugar RTD


To  create an authentic bottled organic  botanical beverage  brewed from real ingredients- to do good for health, people &  communities by supporting healthy lifestyles.

We just launched our new branding-Seize the Moment to capture the best & unexpected surprises in life.

 An exciting start up , Carol Mark, Founder of Empower T, believes in the power of individuals to make positive changes in society.

After recovery from breast cancer, Carol supports educational knowledge on healthy lifestyles and wellness.


Empower T believes in Supporting Healthy Lives

Believing how we live our lives impacts on our lives. After breast cancer and learning 1 out of 2 people will have cancer in their lives, I am the proud founder of the Truth About Healthy Lives.

knowledge is emPOWERment 

2017 Truth About Healthy Lives 


Stay tuned for 2018


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